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24 Jun
Pepe is the Missionary turtle of Galapagos islands
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Last Updated: 03 July 2013
Created: 24 June 2013
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Pepe is the Missionary turtle of Galapagos islands.

 Although not recommended fruit intake turtles, Pepe's digestive system can not process his own food habitat because during his 63 years was treated as a pet.

Since September 2012 live in the interpretation center of the Galapagos National Park (PNG) in San Cristobal. Like Lonesome George, Santa Cruz, who next June 22 will be a year of ¬ dead Missionary Pepe has become the icon of San Cristobal.

At first he thought it might be part of the giant tortoises (Chelonoidis chathamensis) of the island, but two months ago it was found through genetic testing that Pepe is native to Wolf Volcano on Isabela Island, specifically in the sector of Piedras Blancas. To Joan Sotomayor, head of PNG's tourism administration, Pepe is similar to George in terms of their level of isolation, and that since he died Solitaire has appreciated over the care of the species.

As a result, Pepe the Missionary is the first attempt to recover a kind shabby in San Cristobal. While Sotomayor-leaning the lava stone wall corral arm recalls the story of the tortoise, gently chews OTOY Pepe. The head of Tourism Administration that in 1940, the island fishermen Pepe gave the Agama family, who kept it until 1967, when it was delivered to the Franciscan mission of San Cristobal. Sotomayor said that eluded Agama tenure ban turtle in homes since 1959, which created the PNG.

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