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24 Jun
Sharks are tagged with chips for habitat in Galapagos
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Last Updated: 03 July 2013
Created: 24 June 2013
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Sharks are tagged with chips for habitat in Galapagos.

"We want to know what are the nursery areas of key shark species," says Eduardo Espinoza while extending a 100 by 3 meters in Puerto Grande, a bay in the center-east of the island of San Cristobal, for another of his routine monitoring of the presence of sharks.

"We are identifying sites where sharks live their early stages," the Marine Research responsible for the Galapagos National Park (PNG) while getting ready for placement of juvenile sharks microchips to track them in the marine reserve of the island region - 138 000 km2, the second largest in the world, including at the satellite.

Monitoring, which always takes an hour, gives results quickly, by getting trapped in the net three animals, two females and one male of the species blacktip (Carcharhinus Melanopterus).

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