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19 May
Miguel Bosé: Galapagos is not somewhere else
category: Blog
Last Updated: 23 May 2017
Created: 19 May 2017
Miguel Bosé: Galapagos is not somewhere else

“There are few places in the world as special as Galapagos, The Enchanted Islands are the place of evolution, and it was here where many biological theories were developed. Galapagos helped us to comprehend life”. This was the statement that Miguel Bosé made in a prestigious TV program of the United States. Moreover, he stressed that he has visited thousands of cities, places, and regions, but he has never seen a place as special as Galapagos. Furthermore, he mentioned that the natural wealth of Galapagos is amazing. For this reason, he emphasizes that people should learn to value nature, and protect it more effectively.

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