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06 Jun
Marchena Island
category: Blog
Last Updated: 08 June 2017
Created: 06 June 2017
Marchena Island

The Marchena Island is north of the equinoctial line and west the Genovesa Island. Although Marchena is not open to ground visitors, the cruises take passengers to Punta Espejo to dive. The waters are very clear, and you can see hundreds of marine species, including Damsels, parrotfish and Moorish idols. A large proportion of Marchena Island is covered with lava. For this reason, the vegetation of Marchena is scarce, and there are only a few animals. However, despite the scarcity of vegetation, Marchena has some species of Finches, lava lizards and colonies of two-haired sea lions.

On the other hand, Marchena demonstrates its volcanic characteristics. Oddly enough, Marchena is the top of a large oceanic volcano, and is common to see some fumaroles, formed by gases directly emitted from the chamber. In September of 1991, there was an eruption in Marchena. A group of guides and scientists were fortunate enough to see the island a few days later of the eruption. Lava can be seen in Marchena and in many other places of Galapagos: It is rough, dark, and bumpy.

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