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14 Jun
North Seymour
category: Blog
Last Updated: 20 June 2017
Created: 14 June 2017
North Seymour

The small North Seymour Island is located north of Baltra and consists of a series of lava blocks formed underwater and raised by geological actions. North Seymour is a popular site for tourism. On the west side of the island, waves are usually large, and sometimes you can see a group of sea lions playing in the ocean. Furthermore, Blue-footed boobies live in this beautiful island, where you can find couples nesting and raising their chicks. Occasionally, you can also see Galapagos land iguanas. It should be stressed that these iguanas are not endemic of North Seymour; they were brought here in 1932 by some scientists. North Seymour is separated from Baltra Island (South Seymour) by a small canal. The two islands have similar vegetation because they were created by an underwater geological survey; marine fossils and pillow lava are evidences of this origin. North Seymour Island is also known for being one of the largest breeding grounds for blue-footed boobies, and the largest colony of royal frigates. It also has two endemic species of iguanas.

On the other hand, Seymour Island is also a fantastic place for different activities such as hiking, swimming, snorkeling and exotic bird watching. During the walks, tourists will have the opportunity to observe the sea lions or marine iguanas and the nests of the blue-footed boobies that are near the path where the couples perform their courtship dance. On the Beach of Seymour Island, you can see a large colony of pelicans, and the wonderful frigates with their huge red scabs hanging from their necks.

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