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01 Nov
A story of the Galapagos
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Created: 01 November 2017
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A story of the Galapagos

A certain day while watching the waves of the sea, Ricardo Flores decided it was time to take out of his library the memories of his "beloved Galápagos", to demonstrate the greatness of his natal place: "I have a lot of memories about whalers, pirates and adventurers, but I also wrote about the positive part of those families that suffered the Galapagos distance from mainland Ecuador," says Flores. Some of these first settlers were raised by their grandparents, who arrived on the islands through boats traveling 1,000 km in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean: "Before Galápagos became a global tourist power our incomes came from fishing, there was no tourism, tourism arrived many years later to give us another income”.

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