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05 Dec
Ecuador internationalizes the fight against illegal fishing around the Galapagos
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Created: 05 December 2017
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Ecuador internationalizes the fight against illegal fishing around the Galapagos

Galapagos was declared a national park in 1959, in order to protect the 97.5% of the terrestrial surface of the archipelago. The remaining area is occupied by human settlements that already existed at the time of the declaration. By then, approximately 1000 to 2000 people lived in four islands. In 1972 a census determined that 3488 people lived in Galapagos, but in the 1980s this number had increased markedly to more than 20,000 inhabitants.

In 1986, the sea that surrounds the islands was declared a marine reserve. Unesco included Galapagos in the list of World Heritage Sites in 1978, and the marine reserve was extended in 2001.

The archipelago has different international figures that have been applied to try to guarantee the conservation of Galapagos; among them: Natural Heritage Reserve of Humanity, Ramsar Site, Whale Sanctuary, Biosphere Reserve, etc. The Global Strategy for the Conservation of Nature identifies Galapagos as a priority Biogeographic province for the establishment of protected areas. At the national level, the figures of the National Park and the Marine Reserve reflect the commitment assumed by the Ecuadorian Government to preserve this important legacy for future generations, Ecuadorians and for humanity in general.

Galapagos is probably the most protected site in the world. In order to strengthen our commitment to the environment, we avoid the use of short life cycle products to minimize contamination; we promote the sustainable reuse of organic waste, and we have a wastewater treatment system with environmental quality standards. For this reason, Golondrina Yacht is the best option not only for our commitment with the environment, but also for the amazing itineraries we offer at a very affordable price. For further information feel free to communicate with us, it will be a huge privilage to help you!

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