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22 Feb
The Galapagos Islands, an adventure destination
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Created: 22 February 2018
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The Galapagos Islands, an adventure destination

Galapagos Islands are a good destination for adventure, a truly incredible place for couples to enjoy a vacation. In fact, the Enchanted Islands recently got The Travvy Awards for best adventure destination, a prestigious award held every year. But these aren't the only awards that Galapagos have received, in 2017 was awarded as best beach destination in South America.

The other award given to this unique destination is Best International Adventure Destination, a well-deserved award that allows travelers to enjoy new and varied experiences.

Many experts recommend traveling to Galapagos throughout the months of April and May, because the rain is not excessive and the temperature is pleasant, which are important factors to take into account when traveling

Galapagos is definitely a place you should visit at least once in your life, you´ll be impressed by the natural wealth of our Enchanted Islands. We have arranged special itineraries so that you enjoy Galapagos at its best at a very affordable price. Feel free to communicate with us if you have any questions, it will be a huge honor to help you!

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