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08 Feb
Galapagos Airport reduced 40% of CO2 emissions
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Created: 08 February 2018
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Galapagos Airport reduced 40% of CO2 emissions

Seymour airport received a certification of CarbonNeutral, becoming the first airport in Latin America and the Caribbean to win this recognition. The certification was granted by the International Airport Council in December 2017. CarbonNeutral certification is given when airport CO2 emissions have been significantly reduced by optimization techniques. "It is an important milestone, because the terminal was built with sustainable standards and operates with minimal energy consumption. The Seymour airport manager mentioned that many airports in New Zealand, Australia and Chile are consulting the process and how we achieved CarbonNeutral certification.

Carbon Neutral certification is not the only prize for Seymour Airport. After a lengthy process, they managed to get the LEED Gold (Leadership Energy And Environmental Design). This was achieved after an investment of $ 24 million. "We have progressively reduced the emission of carbon dioxide by up to 40%". One of the mechanisms adopted is lucarnas, windholes and high ceilings that allow the circulation inside the facilities, and the use of air conditioning systems are completely avoided. Furthermore, everything was built with sustainable materials such as bamboo cane; the floor was made on volcanic lava. It also has internal patios for the maintenance of nature, and a modern wind farm and solar panels that produce energy.

Golondrina Yacht is also committed to the environment: we avoid the use of short life cycle products to minimize contamination; we promote the sustainable reuse of organic waste, and we have a wastewater treatment system with environmental quality standards. Feel free to communicate with us it will be a huge honor to help you!

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